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How To: Check Your Grades in the BFCA Education Portal

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The BFCA Education Portal makes it easy to see your grades through a customized report that will show you all currently graded assignments.

Your instructor may also use additional tools such as checklists or progress checkboxes to help you keep track of required activities by letting you check off, or automatically checking off submitted work (see below).

  1. Not all grades may be reflected in the grade book. Some instructors use complex grading formulae that don’t lend themselves to the BFCA Education Portal’s gradebook. Be sure to ask your instructor any questions you have about the gradebook.
  2. Your total points possible may not match someone else’s. In most cases, the total points possible in your gradebook will reflect only the items graded so far. Thus, if your instructor has entered a grade for the paper you turned in on time, but has not yet graded your friend’s late paper, your total possible score will differ from your friend’s.

View your grades in a specific class

  1. Log into Courses using your BFCA Education Portal username and password.
  2. Identify the Course you would like to checked grades for and click on it.
  3. Along the left side of your course page, go to Navigation, then click Grades.
    • Remember, instructors can control when you see grades for specific activities, so if you do not see all your grades, they are probably hidden until your instructor opens them to you.

NOTE: Depending on how your instructor set up the gradebook, scores may be displayed as points, as percentages, as letter grades, or a combination thereof.

Your grades in all courses by using the ‘Overview report’ 

The Overview report shows your overall grades (like a report card), with links to your User report for each class you are currently enrolled in.
Note: Instructors may not allow you to see a running total of your current standing in a course, in which case you may only see a dash (-) for your grade in that course.

There are two ways to access your Overview report:

  • Log in to the BFCA Education Portal and from the User menu (top-right), select Grades. The Courses I am taking page opens displaying your grade Overview report.
  • If you are already viewing your grades for a particular course on the User Report page, locate and select the Overview report tab. The Overview report will open.

Track Progress Using the Activities Block

If your instructor has included the Activities block in your course, you can use it to monitor your work.

  1. Locate the Activities block on the course page.
  2. Click a link to an activity type (such as an Assignments, Quizzes, etc.) to view a table listing each item of that activity type.
  3. Depending on the type of activity, the table will provide a link to the activity, the due date, submission, and the grade. For example, if you click the Quizzes link, you can see a list of all currently available quizzes, links to each quiz, deadlines, and, once you have submitted the quiz and it has been graded, your grade.
    Tip: If you notice that a quiz does not have a grade listed, you should probably check whether you have actually taken the quiz or need to in the future.

Checklist Activities

Some instructors add a Checklist activity to one or more Sections down the middle of a the BFCA Education Portal course. Checking off work isn’t the same as submitting.  Rather, these activities are memo tools for you to manage your work. Instructors may set up Edspora activities to automatically check when completed, but more often checklists are provided as a tool for you to manage your own workload.

Note: Not all courses have Checklist activities. This is an option your instructor may choose to add.

To use a Checklist:

  1. Click the Checklist link. The Checklist page will open listing the activities or resources included on the Checklist. Items on the list may be the BFCA Education Portal activities such as a Forum or a Quiz, or may include “offline activities,” such as attending an event or performing a task outside of class.
  2. Select the checkbox for each required activity as you complete it (some activities may be checked automatically upon your submission to a the BFCA Education Portal activity.) 
  3. As items are checked off, the Progress bar at the top of the page updates to indicate the percentage of items you’ve checked. 
    Note: The progress bar does not account for the amount of time the items on the list will take; it is merely based on the number of items completed.

Checklist Block

If a course includes Checklist activities, you may also see a Checklist block on the side of the main course page if your instructor has chosen to add it. This block gives you a current count of how many activities you have completed out of the total.

At the bottom of the Checklist block, click More details to see an entire list of required activities, whether they are marked as complete, and the completion date.

“Progress” Checkboxes on the Course Page

Your instructor may choose to add checkboxes directly on the the BFCA Education Portal course page to help you to manage your own workload.
Note: Not all courses have checkboxes. This is an option your instructor may choose to add.

If checkboxes are enabled, you will see a heading at the top right of the main course page that says, Your progress. Below that, in the Topic or Weekly Sections, a checkbox will appear next to required items.

To mark an item as complete:

  1. Locate the item in one of the Sections on the course page. To the right of a required item, on the same line, you will see a checkbox.
  2. There are several ways this tool may be set to operate:
    • Auto-complete: Some activities are automatically checked when you complete an activity. For example, when you submit a quiz or upload an assignment.
    • Your instructor sets additional conditions: Your instructor may choose to mark items complete. For example, only after an activity has been graded.
    • You mark the checkbox: If the instructor has set an item to allow you to mark it as complete, you will see an empty checkbox. To mark the item as complete, click the check mark and a blue check mark will appear.
      Note: This use of the tool is intended to help you keep track of completed work, so it is only useful if you are in the habit of checking off boxes when you finish an assignment.
  3. Once marked complete, the checkbox changes from empty to checked.

View File(s) Returned by Your Instructor

Sometimes, your instructors will send you files related to your assignments (rubrics or marked-up copies of your assignment file). You’ll find those files by reopening the assignment link where you submitted your work.

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