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How To: Embed a Video

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You can link to a video in a forum post, an online text assignment link or in a wiki textbox. For videos posted on YouTube, the video player will display directly in the BFCA Education Portal. 

  1. Open a Textbox in the BFCA Education Portal
    • In a forum—Click on Add a new discussion or Reply to open a textbox. Click on the link labeled Use advanced editor in the lower right corner of the screen to bring up the editing toolbar shown in the illustration provided below.
    • In an assignment—Click on Add submission to open the textbox.
  2. Prepare to Insert Link in the BFCA Education Portal
    • Enter any text that you wish to accompany the video link. Type “video clip” (or the name of the video—if the video player is displayed after you save the text box, this text won’t show after you link to it). Select the text you just entered and click on the Link icon in the editing toolbar.
  3. Insert Link
    • In the Create a link dialogue box, paste the video’s URL in the field labeled URL using Crtl+V. Click on Create link to display the linked text as a web link (highlighted in red) in your text box. (The video player will be displayed after you save your submission.)
  4. Save Changes
    • Click on Submit to post your forum response or click on Save changes to submit your assignment or save your wiki page.
  5. View Your Clip
    • Reopen the page, post or assignment submission to view and play the video.

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