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How To: Modify a Quiz for Special Circumstances

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Sometimes, it is necessary to adjust a quiz in order to accommodate students who need more time or for users with special circumstances. The BFCA Education Portal offers the ability to modify a student’s attempt settings without having to duplicate the quiz itself or alter the original settings. Follow the steps below to add a User override for a particular student.

Modifying a quiz

  1. Click on the quiz that you wish to adjust for your student.
  2. Navigate to the Administration block and select User overrides.
  3. Click on the Add user override button.
  4. Click on a student’s name in the Override user list (you can only make adjustments one student at a time).
  5. Using the remaining options on the page, modify any setting(s) that you would like this particular student to have for that quiz.
  6. Make sure to set the date and the time limit correctly. 
  7. When you are finished, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save (or select Save and enter another override if you wish to add another override).
  8. You have now adjusted the quiz for that particular student. When he/she attempts the quiz, the newly adjusted settings will be in effect.

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