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How To: Submit an Assignment

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The BFCA Education Portal lets instructors set up an Assignment with a variety of settings. For example:

  • Your instructor can control whether you can make only one submission or upload files after deadlines have passed and if you can re-submit files or not.
  • Some assignment types let your instructor return a submission with comments for revisions. You can then upload your revisions by returning to the link for the assignment.
  • Assignments can be for “offline” activities such as a classroom presentation or printed paper, in which case you will not submit anything on the BFCA Education Portal, but your instructor may use the the BFCA Education Portal assignment for grading and feedback.

Submit an Assignment

You may be asked to attach files or enter text directly into a text box. Note: If your instructor is asking you to upload a file, they should inform you what file format you should submit (eg., .pdf, .doc, .pptx or .docx). 

  1. Select the link to the assignment. The Assignment page will open, showing instructions and your submission status (due date, grading status, time remaining, grade, etc.) for this assignment.
  2. Select Add submission. The Assignment submission page will open. Depending on how your instructor set up the assignment, you may have the option to submit file(s), enter text in a text entry box or both.
  3. To enter online text, type directly into the Online text boxAlternately, you can compose your submission in a word processing program and then cut and paste the text into the BFCA Education Portal text box.
    • When pasting text into the BFCA Education Portal, for best results, paste the content as unformatted text.
    • For spell checking to work, it must be enabled in your browser. Once enabled, to see spelling suggestions press and hold the Control key on your keyboard and click OR right-click on your mouse (whether you are using a Mac or PC system will determine which operation will work).
  4. To submit a file using drag-and-drop:
    1. Arrange your computer desktop windows so that you can view both your browser window and your files on your computer (e.g., in an open folder or on your desktop).
    2. Drag files from your computer and release them on top of the big blue arrow in the Files area.
    3.  DO NOT drag-and-drop a .gdoc file from a Drive App desktop window into the BFCA Education Portal. Your instructor will not have permission to view the file. Instead, use browse for the file (for details, see the next step), or save the file as a PDF before submitting.
  5. To browse for a file:
    1. Under File submissions, at the top-left of the file area, click the Add… icon. The File picker window will open.
    2. Select a file from your computer, or from Google Drive:
      • To upload a file from your computer, click Upload a file (at left), then, below Attachment, select Choose file. Browse your computer and select a file, then click Open. The file name will appear next to the Choose file button.
      • To upload a file from Google Drive, click Google Drive (at left). You may need to log in. Click the File to upload. 
        Note: When you browse to Google Drive, the BFCA Education Portal will convert Google docs (.gdoc files) that were composed directly in Google to a sharable file type (.rtf,  .ppt, .xls, etc.)
    3. (Optional) If you want to rename your file in the File Picker, enter the new name in the Save as field, and make sure to include the correct file extension (.pdf, .doc, etc.) in the name so the file can open correctly for your instructor.
    4. Click Upload this file. The File Picker will close and an icon for your uploaded file will appear in the Files area.
  6. Once your file(s) appear(s) in the Files submission area, click Save changes.
  7. If your instructor allows you to revise your submission, you’ll see an Edit submission button on the Assignment page. Select Edit submission to add or replace files, or edit a text submission. When you finish making changes, click Save changes.
  8. For some assignment types, you will see a Submit assignment button. To finalize your submission, click Submit assignment, then Continue. Note: Once finalized, you will not be able to make any more changes.
  9. You can check under Submission status on the Assignment page to ensure your file is listed. You can also view feedback and grades from your instructor there.

Multiple submissions

For some assignment types, you may have the option to submit several or an unlimited amount of attempts (or drafts) for a single assignment. Because each course is different, you will need to communicate with your instructors on how submission attempts and feedback are configured for each the BFCA Education Portal assignment.

Troubleshooting: Can’t See My Assignments

  1. Are you looking at the correct course?
  2. Are you looking at the correct dates?
  3. If you don’t find the assignment listed, your instructor may not have made the course visible to students.
  4. Contact your instructor to see if he or she has made the course visible.

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